• Net:  750 ml.
  • Type:  dry red wine
  • Origin:  W.C.G.O. - wine with controlled and guaranteed origin
  • Vintage:  2013
  • Wine region:  Tikves wine region
  • Locality:  Lepovo
  • Tasting note:
    Produced from Sangiovese grapes of its own vineyards, Bovin Sangiovese is a elegant wine with distinctive ruby red color with high reflection. The nose is fresh and fruity with dominating notes of pomegranate, wild strawberry and cherry, and a hint of herbal thyme spice. The palate starts fresh with high natural acidity typical for the grape type, but towards the middle there are richer sweeter flavors giving a fleshier feel. It is best when served at 8 - 10⁰C with tomato-based food, pizza, lasagna, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, pasta, or chicken.
  • Recomended temperature:  8ºC - 10ºC
  • Grape varietals:  100% Sangiovese
  • Food pair: