• Net:  187 ml.
  • Type:  dry white wine
  • Origin:  W.C.G.O. - wine with controlled and guaranteed origin
  • Vintage:  2013
  • Wine region:  Tikves wine region
  • Locality:  Lepovo
  • Tasting note:
    The Chardonnay form BOVIN is a quality dry white wine with yellowish-green nuance. It is a wine with complex aroma typical for the grape variety, with emphasized aroma of tropical fruits - pineapple, banana, citruses, but also melon and apple. The taste is long lasting, soft, balanced, and fresh. It is an excellent companion for aged cheese, green salad, white meat, fish, and seafood. The wine should be served lightly chilled at 8-10ºC.
  • Recomended temperature:  8ºC - 10ºC
  • Grape varietals:  100% Chardonnay
  • Food pair:
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